I wanted to find a way I could help give back.  Are you an athlete that wants to reach a certain athletic level?

You have everything you need to succeed.  My mentorship is only to help you unlock that greatness within you.

This program is for you if you’re:

  • Obsessed with reaching your dreams

  • Hustling harder than everyone else, but still not seeing results 

  • Passionate about your dream, but not sure what steps you need to take to get there 

  • Thinking that nothing you do is good enough 

  • Caught up in self-doubt and insecurities that you aren’t playing to your potential 

  • Thinking that nothing you do is good enough 

  • Afraid you will put all this effort into your dreams and not accomplish them 

  • Straight up stuck

This 3 month program includes:

  • Once a week, 60 minute mentoring call via Zoom or in person (if local)

  • Follow-up email after every call

  • My undivided attention, support, and love to empower you to wholeheartedly pursue your dreams 


Each athlete is unique

Getting to know each other.

Find out what’s holding you back from playing and feeling your best in your sport.

Breakdown what your day looks like.

Uncover your short term and long term goals.


Get you familiar with who I am.



Shaping the mind

Create a plan based off your goals.


Create routines and habits that are aligned with your goals.


Take action

Attack everyday

Consistent high performance days.

Daily Journal.

I will be your accountability partner.

You will get free access to my online training.

Makempay Scoring System

Score like a pro

Makempay Ball Handling

Get them handles tight

My career

  • 2010 Sun-Belt Player of the year

  • AP Honorable Mention All American
  • 2012 G League All Star
  • 2012 G League All Star
  • 2018 French Champion
  • 2018 French MVP
  • 2019 Leading scorer in Fance.  Highest ranked efficiency.  Season ended due to Coronarvirus.  Team was in 1st placed.  Great chance to be league MVP again.
  • 11 year pro

I’ve played in 6 countries around the world.

Tough times throughout my career

  • Cut twice in high school
  • 3 years on the bench in college

  • Lost 4 championships as a pro (1-4)

All of my advice comes from 20 years of my personal experiences and analyzing humans from all walks of life.  I’m constantly learning all the time.  I have many of my own mentors who constantly hold me accountable.  During the season I read many books, listen to many podcasts, and I reach out to players all the time.