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Free Lancer

I’ve always been creative.  I started freelancing about 8 years ago after I signed my first professional basketball contract in Belgium.  While I was in Belgium I had a lot of free time on my hands.  Basketball was only about 5 hours per day.  So I figured I’d use the extra free time to gain some knowledge.  I started making beats at 11 so I started studying how to become better at that.  I was also interested in rapping so I needed an album cover so I studied how to use photoshop.  Pretty much everything I needed I learned how to do it because I didn’t want to wait for a designer.

As I got better with the graphics I started to fall in love with photography and videography.  I went out and purchased a camera and I’ve been learning ever since.  All of the skills I have developed while being in Europe has helped me save a lot of money.

I’ve always wanted to create my own vibe around home so I mostly work from home so I can control my environment.  I literally can do almost anything to help you get what you need done.  I also can still score 20 points a game on you :).

Learning all these skills I have turned them in to a part time business.  I focus on helping small businesses get started because I use to be in those shoes and it was a complicated time.  I want to make it easy for everyone so that they can get their ideas out into the world.

Why Work With Me


You should work with me because you will be in direct contact with me.  I pride myself on getting your work back to you as fast as possible because I know that this is a speed game.  I use to be in your shoes and I understand that when you have an idea you want to put it out to the world and see it flourish.  I have a lot of time to focus on your project and on your project only.  That way I can truly just focus on your project and not just look at it as another way to make a quick buck.

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