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Make A Statue

I know many players that tell me all the time how they deserve to be playing on a certain level. I listen and some of them I do agree with. The thing is nobody else care. Who cares that you can shoot free throws better than Andre Roberson NOBODY. He may do a bunch of other things way better than you that’s beneficial to their team. So stop focusing on that and focus on where you at today. Make the most out of your current situation.
I get messages weekly asking me why am I playing here. My response is simple “I came here to make a statue”. Some may think that’s motivation talk but it’s the truth. I remember complaining one night to my bro Elijah and he didn’t even respond to the BS I was saying on the phone. Only thing he said was “Make A Statue T”. He understood because his ambitions was to play in the NBA and he had been killing the D-League and they still didn’t give him his shot. Went to the Philippines dominated came back and found himself in the NBA. Had he had let his situation get the best of him he probably would’ve been on someone’s couch talking about where he should’ve been. NOBODY CARES. Appreciate your journey and don’t take it for granted. Realize that you’re doing what you love to do for a living. So even if they don’t make a statue of me if I do something significant my legacy will forever live on. That’s all I care about MY LEGACY. Grind hard everyday and #makempay

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