Makempay Monday | Working Hard Vs Working Smart

Hard work is great and is needed in every aspect of life.  Too many times people rely on hard work alone.  I mean like working themselves to death.  I believe you should focus on working smarter than harder.  I feel like it will help you be more productive.  Sure with hard work you will get better but with smart work you will maximize your potential.


Examples Of Working smarter instead of harder:

  1. Being in the gym for hours.  Yes it’s always good to be in the gym.  It’s better to being productive in the gym.  If you in the gyn and you have taken 1000 jump shots but going at the speed of a turtle than that’s working harder not smarter.  It would be more beneficial for you to make 300 shots per day but at game speed and in the situations you would be in the game.
  2. Lifting weights is another area where people praise hard work.  You have to have a plan for your lifts tho.  If you in the weight room lifting a lot of weight it will be counterproductive.  You’re not a bodybuilder you’re an athlete.  So train like an athlete.  You should be focused on how fast you can move the weights not how much weight is on the bar.


Do things the right way.  When you walk in the gym it’s time to work.  Have a plan so you can stick to it.  Otherwise you will find yourself being distracted by players who are not as dedicated as you.  Everyday #makempay

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