Interesting game against Lorient in the french cup.  It was a long road trip maybe 6 hours.  Body was a little tight if you have been paying attention to my blog you would know that I hate road trips by now.  Muggy day very misty, but the job had to be done.  Game started and they came out firing.  They had a 5 man that was knocking down shots from everywhere.  We came out very sluggish and slow.  They were more aggressive and getting to many loose balls.  Basically out hustling us.  Game was pretty close the entire night we ended up coming out with the win.  Although we played terrible personally I played one of my most efficient games of the season.  I had 26 points on 11 of 15 shooting.  Everything was dropping the rim felt like an ocean.  Ready to face Nancy this weekend to continue this run to the championship.

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