What a game what a game!  This game was very exciting.  Vichy came in and played hard.  They really changed us and played very well.  Their guard Denave went off for 30 points.  He was hitting everything he put up.  Jerrold and John held it down for us as John had a great first half and Jerrold was pretty solid throughout the entire game with 12 assist.  Our bench played amazing, if it weren’t for them we probably would’ve gotten blown out.

Let’s talk about my night tho.  It was a horrible game for me.  My body was really tired, not from playing basketball but from the drive to the game.  The mini-bus that most teams use to travel during the season really takes a toll on my body.  It tightens up my muscles which makes it harder for me to get warm.  I didn’t really get loose until the 4th quarter.  It was 7 minutes to go and my hands were still numb.

At the end of regulation the game was tied and I only had 4 points.  Overtime started and I seen red.  I was loose and ready to play.  I got an easy bucket in transition and some free throws.  They hit big shots we hit big shots.  There was 11 seconds left and we were down by 1.  As bad as I played coach said “Forget a play, Tyren you 1 on 1 with your man make a play”.  In my mind I all I thought was MAKEMPAY.  I waited until about 7 seconds left and started my attack.  I started with an attack dribble then a pull back.  Seen which way his body shifted, hit him with a crossover then a spin an bucket.  Knocked down the shot with 2 seconds left BALL GAME!

It felt so good and really boosted my confidence that my coach would have that much confidence in me after playing so bad.  Was really disapponinted in my play this game because I know my talent and the expectations my team has for me.  I have to find a way to shake the mini van issue because it won’t change.  If you know me I don’t make excuses I find solutions.