Big game this weekend.  We were currently in 2nd place facing Orleans who was currently ranked in 1st place.  Last meeting we had with them they beat us by 14 at home.  We had 1 lost more than them so we had to beat them by 16 to gain the advantage.  That would be difficult because we’re playing them at home and they haven’t lost at home all year long.

They came out hot.  If I could recall we were down 12-2 within the first two minutes.  Coach called a timeout so we could regroup.  We came out of the timeout motivated and made our push back into the game.  I was hot finished the first quarter by hitting another one of my signature buzzer beaters off the glass.  The rest of the first half was a battle.  They’re an older team most older teams are very physical so we had to withstand there pressure.  First half ended close.

Second half the game got interesting.  We were trading 3 pointers back and forth, but we had more energy than them.  We were playing great basketball offensively and defensively.  When we play this way it is difficult to stop us.  We ended up winning the game by 17 so this win propelled us to 1st place in the rankings.  I played very well.  Shot the ball extremely well and got my teammates involved by recording 6 assists.  Had 4 or 5 turnovers too but aghhh that happens.  Im very excited for this win now we control our own destiny.  We have tough game Tuesday against Lille.  I twisted my ankle a little tonight so I have to rehab asap so I can be 100% next week.  Thank you guys so much for reading and staying up to date with me.  Check the stats and highlights of the game by clicking the link below.

Game stats/Highlights