Welp! Streak over.  We went on the road and let a game that we should’ve won get away from us.  We started the game I think down 12-0.  They came out hitting on all cylinders.  We knew that they were going to be motivated because of our rankings and because they had just lost three games in a row.  They came out and punched us in the mouth all game long and we didn’t respond.  We made a push for the win at the end but we had dig ourself into to deep of a whole.  The only good thing happened this weekend was that lille and roanne lost.  So we are still tied for second place.  I came out feeling good was going to work in the post early but I didn’t assert myself into the game until the 4th quarter.  They were playing me tight and I wasn’t doing anything about it.  It frustrates me when I feel good and I’m not involved in the game but I can’t blame no one but myself.  I have to be active on the boards, defense, and run the court.  Time to bounce back and get ready for the next opponent.

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Game Highlights/Recap