MAKEMPAY MONDAY’S are back.  I took some months off to get back in the flow of things but I’m back and better than ever.  First video is going to be focused on DISCIPLINE.  Discipline is a huge key to MAKEMPAY.  You never know when you will receive your big break.  That’s why you have to stay discipline, so that when that time do come you’re prepared for it.  You have to change your lifestyle and make sacrifices.  That’s a very challenging thing to do, but when you’re trying to be the best you will face many challenges.  One of the major components of discipline is passion.  When you have passion about what you’re doing it make being discipline way easier.  With passion is easier to be consistent which is the basis of being discipline.  Working hard not expecting a reward, but just working hard because your passionate and you want to achieve your dreams.  EVERYDAY MAKEMPAY!