Want to learn from one of the best when it comes to achieving what you want in life? My MAKEMPAY mentality is the mindset that I used to help me live the life that I’m living today. I was doubted and overlooked my entire life. I decided to use that doubt as fuel to my success.

I’m a professional basketball player, successful entrepreneur, and highly regarded mentor. I created a life full of freedom that allows me to travel the world and get paid for what I love to do. Along the way, I’ve mentored many other people to help them achieve this type of freedom by introducing them to his MAKEMPAY mindset.

Growing up in a small country town in Vacherie, Louisiana, I didn’t have many options. Most people in my community would either turn into a teacher or work in a power plant. Traveling the country by playing travel baseball, I was exposed to much more in life. That exposure allowed me to dream big. I wanted to be a pro athlete.

Being an unknown prospect at a small 2A school in the sugarcane fields of Louisiana, I found a way to make my dreams come true. Getting a scholarship to The University of Louisiana, I was on the bench in college for three years. I still had my dreams, and that’s when I started building the foundational skills to learn the MAKEMPAY mentality. Going from the bench to the MVP of the Sun Belt Conference, I defeated the Odds. 11 years later. I have played in NBA Preseason games with the Indiana Pacers and eight countries around the world.

Through inspiring stories and concrete advice, this book will help you understand my process. It will teach you how to Makempay.
With the book’s tips, you will be able to add a decade or more of knowledge I’ve gained from my experience and other pro athletes around the world.

This is not one of your average mental toughness books. This is a strategy written by me that will help you put a plan into action and revolutionize your life even if you’re not an athlete. Are you ready to MAKEMPAYy? Order How To Makempay, today.